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Client Portal

For existing users, sign in below to log in to our client portal. If you are a first time user who has already requested access, refer to the email you should have received to create an account. If you are a first time user and would like access to the portal, please reach out to your CPA or our Office Manager, Jodi Riveira

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Ease of Use

Available Anywhere

Seamless Document Sharing


What is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal is an easy, fast, and secure way to share and receive documents between clients and their CPA's.

How do I access the Client Portal?

If you are a first time user, you will need to reach out to your CPA or our office manager, Jodi Riviera, to obtain an access email. After you follow the instructions in the access email, you will log in all subsequent times using your newly created username and password. 

What can the Client Portal do?

Our client portal is a place where our clients can view PDF copies of their previously filed tax returns, sales tax reports, payroll reports, and financial statements. Clients can also upload documents to their accountant for payroll, bookkeeping, and tax return preparation. 

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