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Tax Year 2023 Filing Deadlines
Individual, C-Corp, & Gift Tax Returns on Extension - 10/16/24
Trust Tax Returns on Extension - 9/30/24

Partnership & S-Corp Returns on Extension - 9/16/24


Welcome to our Client Center

Our Client Center is where our clients, both new and existing, can find information on tax filing deadlines, client worksheets, our privacy policy, and more!


Please see the important note to our new and existing clients below...

We've Made Some Changes...
What's New for 2024

Beginning for Tax Year 2023 (Calendar Year 2024), we will be transitioning all of our client services to a more paperless system. What does this mean for you? Our clients will need to create an account on SmartVault, which is our new client portal. This will be a one-stop shop to access all the documents we need you to fill out and turn in to us as well as a hub to access your deliverables.




Tax Year 2023 (Calendar Year 2024) will be the last year we mail out tax packets. Beginning this tax year (TY 2023), client tax packets will be mailed out AND available via the Public Documents folder on SmartVault, our client portal.


To better facilitate tax return preparation, we have introduced a Client Preferences Worksheet for you to fill out and return with your tax information. This can be accessed via SmartVault in the Public Documents folder.

So, after all these changes, what do I need to turn in to my CPA to prepare my tax return? View our Tax Year 2023 Newsletter on SmartVault for a checklist to help guide you on what to bring in this year!

Still Confused? Call or email our office administrator, Jodi Riveira

An Important Note to Our Clients

At Duncan, Onley & Watkins, we ask that all clients, both new and existing, fill out our Tax Information Worksheet to be sent in with their yearly tax information.  

This worksheet, when filled out fully, is VERY important to our tax preparation process. Having the Tax Information Worksheet saves us time when preparing your return, which in turn saves you money. 

Engagement Letters

Engagement Letters outline the services we will provide to you as well as client responsibilities during the engagement for tax preparation services.


Please view our downloadable engagement letters below.

The applicable engagement letter to you below is determined by what type of return we are preparing for you.

We ask that all of our clients, both new and existing, fill out and sign an engagement letter each year we provide tax preparation services to you. 

If filing a joint return, we ask that both spouses sign the Individual Engagement Letter. 

Please include all applicable signed engagement letters as well as the completed tax information worksheet when dropping off, mailing, or uploading your tax documents. 

How to Get Us Your Tax Information

Drop it off

For our clients' convenience, we have a drop-off slot in our door down the hall from our main office entrance. Or, feel free to come inside and drop off your information to someone in the office.

Client Portal (SmartVault)

At your request, we can send you a secure link either from our cloud storage software where you can safely upload all of your tax documents.


This is the most convenient option for our out of town clients, or anyone not wanting to drop off their items at the office. 

Want to pay your bill online?

Need to file an extension for your tax return? Click below to fill out our extension request form

Need help finding something? Click below to view our helpful website links

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